Curriculum Principles and Overview

Our curriculum principles are linked to the values of NEAT Academy Trust and that we aim to provide a curriculum that:-

· Provides challenge and is aspirational for all pupils

· Works with local partners and industry through collaboration to ensure that the curriculum model meets the needs of the city and wider region

· Supports progress through an inclusive curriculum throughout the different key stages and for pupils of different abilities and needs

· Prioritises the development and mastery of key numeracy and literacy skills;

· Is knowledge rich and innovative in its design and function

· Ensures that pupils, regardless of background, are included in our curriculum offer. We are responsible by acting with professionalism in order to grow the leaders of the future and that all of our decisions are made in the best interests of our pupils

KS3 Offer

Subject Lessons per fortnight (50 periods) Lessons for the whole of KS3
English 8 468
Mathematics 8 468
Science 8 468
Spanish 3 176
Geography 3 176
History 3 176
Drama 2 117
Music 1 59
Product Design 1 59
Food 1 59
Textiles 1 59
Art 2 117
Computer Science 1 59
Computer Graphics 1 59
PE 4 234
PSHCE 2 117
RE 1 59

KS4 Offer

A broad and balanced offer which builds upon the knowledge and skills developed in Key Stage 3. We aim to grow resilience by creating confident leaders.

‘The What’

The curriculum choices offered through the options programme are adapted to the developing needs of each cohort.

Pupils are consulted on their preferred subject choices and the curriculum is designed accordingly.

We offer a broad spectrum of curriculum pathways from traditional GCSE courses through to BTEC and vocational courses.

‘The Why’

Our curriculum offer allows our pupils to gain the skills and knowledge that they require to be successful in modern Britain. Building upon the bedrock of Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, our pupils in Key Stage 4 will grow resilience through a structured pastoral programme and rigour in the classroom. Through enrichment, in class and our co-curriculum offer, we will create confident leaders who will be successful in their field. Our curriculum offer allows for pupils to study either facilitating academic GCSEs throughout or a vocational offer, or both. Pupils are encouraged to follow their passion for learning and passion for their subjects. Our pupils do not receive a limited curriculum, with options available open for all. Some KS4 pupils are guided towards an academic structured curriculum, building on the Government’s intention to have 75% of pupils studying the EBacc. Through a local needs analysis, we know that the skills and knowledge needed by our pupils do not fully lay within the EBacc, and we have therefore made the decision to have a knowledge and skills focused curriculum which allows pupils to succeed in employment, further education or training in our city, region and the wider United Kingdom. Giving pupils the opportunity to have qualifications to level up the local economy will help move our exceptionally deprived catchment out of generational poverty.

‘The How’

Our Key Stage 4 offer for Year 10 would allow all pupils to study nine level 2 qualifications. This develops upon the 2022/2023 Key Stage 4 offer, which limited most pupils to eight level 2 qualifications, except for the EBacc band. As we grow our curriculum, we will also broaden the options process to allow a structured approach to development of skills and knowledge in subjects suited to our local economy. The new curriculum would cover seven blocks.

Option Block Hours per fortnight Hours for KS4 Guided Learning Hours
English 9 351 240
Mathematics 9 351 120
Science 10 390 240
MFL/Citizenship 5 195 120
The Humanities 5 195 120
Option Block One 5 195 120
Option Block Two 5 195 120
Core PE 2 78 N/A

Curriculum Breakdown