Benfield School Uniform and Equipment

As we approach the start of the new school year, we would like to share Benfield School uniform and equipment policy to ensure your child attends properly dressed and fully equipped for learning. We regularly receive positive comments about how smart our students look; we think it is important that our young people take a pride in their appearance. We believe that first impressions count and that appearances do matter. All students and staff follow a dress code that helps to create the right learning ethos and demonstrates our commitment to excellence. The vast majority of our students wear their uniform with PRIDE, we want to ensure all our students do this next year.  

The uniform for all students in Years 7 to 11 is as follows:

  • Navy blue blazer with school badge (Compulsory – from Emblematic)
  • School tie* (year group colours) (Compulsory – from Emblematic)
  • Black trousers or skirt (tailored) (Compulsory – from Emblematic or your chosen supplier
  • White shirt (Compulsory – from your chosen supplier)
  • Black shoes (Compulsory – from your chosen supplier)
  • Navy blue V neck sweater (Optional) – from your chosen supplier
  • Black tights (to be worn with skirts)


The policy states: students must wear black, plain, flat school shoes (not trainers, trainer-style shoes, boots or plimsolls.) Please note that ‘Vans’ ‘Converse’ or other branded shoes are not acceptable. Shoes should have no visible markings.

Trousers and Skirts (tailored)

These must be black and tailored. They must fit comfortably and not be tight fitting.  Skirts must be knee length (they can be straight or have darts or pleats). Trousers and skirts must not be made from canvas, linen, denim or other inappropriate material. Pencil skirts are not allowed.                    

We DO NOT ALLOW tight or stretchy skirts, leggings, jeans or trousers which look like them.  Below are examples of acceptable trousers and skirts.  

Black formal style trousers straight leg or boot-cut style only.  Trousers must be full length and the hem should rest on the top of the shoes.

Skirts should be made out of the same material as school trousers, the length must be either on or below the knee.  To be worn with black tights.

Please note that chain stores may sell items as school uniform, which are not acceptable at Benfield School.  If you have any doubts whether an item fits the policy, please check with school.

Head Coverings (hijabs)

These must be plain black, grey or navy

Outdoor Coat

Outdoor coats appropriate for school and not worn in the school building.

School Bag

Students must have a bag big enough to hold their planner, an A4 folder and schoolbooks. Students require the following stationery: black or blue pen, red pen, pencil, ruler, pencil sharpener, rubber.

As part of our Personal Development programme, we ask students to consider their appearance and the impression it makes on others.  This is particularly important when representing the school.

Personal Appearance

We are always conscious of health and safety risks both to the owner and others, consequently, the only jewellery allowed is a wristwatch and one pair of stud earrings.  In addition, facial or bodily piercings, long and false nails and nail decoration are not allowed.

Make-up is not permitted for KS3 students. If it is worn by KS4 students, it should be discreetly used and not be excessive.

Hair styles – should be practical, clean and suitable for a working environment. Hairstyles representing various current trends such as mohicans, hair shaved in bands, stripes, initials or dyed in bright, unnatural colours are unacceptable. Hair accessories must be a plain colour and discreet. Eyebrows shaved in stripes are unacceptable.

Hats, hoods and outdoor clothing MUST be removed on entering the building and are not to worn in school.  

Should a student present without the correct uniform, we will be contacting parents or carers and requesting that they return home to change, or that someone brings the correct uniform into school that morning. Students will be asked to remove excessive make up and other items that don’t comply with the policy. Students who repeatedly don’t comply with the expectations, will be isolated until the issue is resolved.

If you have any doubts or questions, please check with your Year Leader (school admin during the holidays).   

PE Kit

  • Navy & light blue PE top with logo   
  • Navy & light blue shorts with logo    OR
  • Benfield navy leggings                      
  • Black swimming costume / trunks
  • Towel and swimming cap
  • Black training shoes (not plimsolls)                             
  • Benfield Hoodie (optional)
  • Plain navy tracksuit bottoms (optional – for use in winter)

All compulsory uniform and PE items must be purchased from Emblematic (Longbenton) through their website

The trust has an ongoing consultation exercise on admissions arrangements from 2025-26. Read more and respond via the link below.