Benfield School takes bullying extremely seriously and does not tolerate bullying behaviour of any kind.  We know that for all our pupils to achieve they need to learn and work in a safe, supportive and caring environment.

We want all pupils to feel safe at school and be able to report instances of bullying behaviour. Whether they feel they are the victim or have witnessed it happening. Reporting bullying is important to us, and we want to support your child at school should this happen.  

Bullying includes repetitive behaviour of intimidation, emotional, verbal, or sexual harassment, being teased about race, religion, culture, gender, sexuality, social class, disability, academic performance, or any other matter that causes distress to the victim.

Pupils in first instance are encouraged to speak to their Form Tutor or Head of year/ Assistant Head of year. 

The following staff are: 

Ms Cunningham Head of Year 7
Mr Liddle-McGhee Assistant Head of  Year 7
Mr Turner Assistant Head of Year 7
Mrs Budwal Head of Year 8
Mr Neighbour Assistant Head of Year 8
Miss Young Assistant Head of Year 8
Mr Wilson Head of Year 9
Ms Eldridge Assistant Head of Year 9
Mr Davison Assistant Head of Year 9
Mrs Herbert Head of Year 10
Ms Richardson Assistant Head of Year 10
Mr Robinson Assistant Head of Year 10
Ms Armstrong Head of Year 11
Ms Crackett Assistant Head of Year 11
Mr Keating Assistant Head of Year 11
Mr Sturrock Senior Assistant Year Lead
Mr Mearns Attendance & Behaviour
Mrs Wilson Pupil Welfare
Ms Pattinson Welfare & Attendance lead
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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which: violates your dignity, makes you feel intimidated, degraded or humiliated or creates a hostile or offensive environment. 

Benfield Safeguarding Team

As a team of staff, we are all trained to safeguard your child. We work hard to ensure that Benfield School is a safe, tolerant and inclusive place for all. Sexual harassment, including any misogynistic language or behaviour, will not be tolerated at Benfield School. As part of our PSHCE curriculum we work hard to educate all our pupils about acceptable behaviours and challenge those we feel are not correct. 

Sexual Harassment includes:

  • Sexualised comments / ‘jokes’
  • Misogynistic language or behaviour i.e., Sexist language or behaviour that reflects or shows hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women
  • Staring
  • Inappropriate physical contact
  • Receiving / being pressured into sending unwanted sexualised images through social media

Toxic Masculinity Online

It is important to educate our young male students about the negative effects of accessing toxic masculinity online. 

Toxic masculinity is a set of undesirable traits that are traditionally associated with being male. These might include physical or emotional domination, aggressive or violent behaviour, a tough exterior, the urge to be in control, and an immunity to danger, vulnerability and fear. This could also be comments made in a derogatory way to pupils in our female population. 

On-line Sexual Harassment

Online sexual harassment is any unwanted sexualised behaviour that occurs online. This can include sexualised comments or jokes on social media. This could also be making requests for sexualised pictures via messaging platforms. We educate pupils that to take, share or possess a nude or sexually explicit photo of someone under 18 is illegal. Also purposefully sending any form of message including online that is extremely offensive, obscene, menacing or indecent. (Protection of Children Act 1978 & Malicious Communications Act 2003)

Even if behaviours we learn of aren’t breaking the law, we take sexual harassment very seriously at Benfield School. 

We want to educate our pupils and promote safe, respectful relationships, to be tolerant of diversity of all kinds. This education is part of our PSHCE curriculum being part of our personal development programme. It is included in designated lessons on the timetable, included in assemblies, work in form time as well as in designated bespoke sessions. We work with pupils to gain pupil voice and use such feedback to answer and support further work within the curriculum. We listen to concerns and suggestions through such pupil voice and act on it accordingly to the advantage of all pupils. We also make all pupils aware that:

Sexual harassment is everyone’s issue. We must work together to destigmatise and combat it, or nothing will change. 

We must all challenge comments/behaviour that are inappropriate or feed into a culture of misogyny or harassment. This might mean calling out friends or peers. 

  • Don’t be a bystander.
  • We must all speak out and report issues.
  • We mustn’t undermine or invalidate someone telling their story.
  • We regularly tell pupils who they can speak to when issues arise. 

If you have any worries or concerns please contact a DSL. 

Safeguarding Leads


Ms Goldsmith Lead for Safeguarding
Mrs Parker Deputy Safeguarding lead
Mrs Liddle-McGhee Deputy Safeguarding lead
Mrs Whillis Deputy Safeguarding lead
Mrs Budwal Deputy Safeguarding lead
Ms Linder Deputy Safeguarding lead
Mrs Murray Deputy Safeguarding lead
Ms Patterson Deputy Safeguarding lead
Mr Sturrock Deputy Safeguarding lead
Ms Armstrong Deputy Safeguarding lead


Findaway is a support services for family, friends, neighbours other others concerned that someone they know might be in an abusive relationship.  They provide useful information on what to say, what practical things that can be done to support them, who to stay safe and how to look after yourself.

The project is delivered by Wearside women in need but covers the whole of Tyne and Wear and Northumberland.

Anonymous Phoneline: 0300 140 0061