Vision & Values

Our Purpose: To work as one community to achieve the very best for our pupils.

Our Vision: To be one community with a relentless ambition to grow leaders, inspire the extraordinary and achieve excellence for all.

At Benfield we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and in our efforts to provide our pupils with the opportunity and support they need to reach and exceed their potential. We know that working together as one community; parents/carers, pupils and staff is the most effective way of ensuring that our pupils will be more than equipped to take their next steps in life and to achieve excellence.

Benfield structures its ambitions for pupils through the deployment of the following pillars and values which we have created together as one community:

1. Leadership with integrity – we aim to grow leaders and as such provide meaningful and structured opportunities to develop leadership skills at all levels. The broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum supports these aims alongside the importance we place on the safeguarding of each and every pupil within our care.

2. Ambition through resilience – we encourage the pupils to foster their own ambitions both for their academic and their wider personal development learning. To do this they recognise that these can only be achieved through good attendance and a positive attitude to learning. Our high expectations for them both in and out of the classroom means that we can work collaboratively in order to prepare pupils for their future.

3. Community with kindness – we want our pupils to exceed not only academically but also personally and become positive role models within their community. Our personal development offer enables pupils to acquire the skills and attributes to achieve this and make positive contributions to their community. Benfield is an inclusive and welcoming school where everyone is valued and their health and wellbeing is given the utmost priority. We treat everyone with respect and differences are acknowledged and celebrated both within the school and the wider community.

4. Excellence and pride – we are always looking for ways to further improve on the already high quality of education and learning opportunities that we provide to pupils. We promote and model a love for reading as we know this is the foundation for unlocking potential. We demonstrate and role model the quality of being fair and impartial, in order to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities to reach and exceed their potential.

Growing leaders, inspiring the extraordinary.

We are Benfield.