LGBT History Month at Benfield School

Feb 16, 2024

February is recognised as LGBT+ history month across the UK. Here at Benfield a number of our students in the Pride Society have been hard at work producing images in recognition of some of history’s LGBT+ innovators as well as producing their own Pride Zine.

Last year, Benfield pupils honoured the first wave of queer activists by creating their own zine titled ‘Do you want a zine?’ which is filled with student artwork, poetry and factsheets. You can read last year’s zine via the link below. 

Students have been hard at work producing another zine as part of this month’s LGBT+ celebration. On top of this, LGBT history is explored through Pride Society covering some of the following areas: 

  • Literature – students are taught about queer authors and poets (Sappho, Audre Lorde, Oscar Wilde etc.) and encouraged to produce their own art and literature.
  • Spotlight – we do a monthly spotlight on famous queer people based on a theme (in STEM, Sports, Politics etc.). Students learn about their contributions to the field and how their sexuality has been celebrated or ignored by history
  • Health – we liaise with other professionals (nurses, YMCA etc.) to deliver specialised and age-appropriate LGBTQIA+ inclusive health information
  • Community – We educate on events and issues which affect the community globally. We will be doing a Global Queer focus next month, where we talk about the identities and history of people outside Britain. 

Besides pride society, we work to ensure that LGBT topics are embedded throughout our curriculum such as: 

  • History – Year 9 learn about the fight for rights for marginalised people, including the LGBTQIA+ community. As part of this month’s celebration, the History department’s Google Classroom hub has flags and a celebration banner. Additionally, resources have been added for students to access.
  • PSCHE/Citizenship – The Equality Act is taught to every year group. Sexuality and gender is also discussed as part of topics on bullying, right and RSE
  • Science – The conversation of sex vs gender is addressed in every year group.
  • Textiles – Gender performativity and drag artistry is discussed in Textiles. Students are encouraged to explore any fashions that interests them.
  • Drama – Identity as a whole is a project in Y9, when students are welcome to write and perform anything relating to who they are or who they wish to be.
  • Literature – Both Key Stages look at queer poets, such as Carol Ann Duffy. The department is currently looking into diversifying the taught texts, to ensure a variety of voices from all backgrounds

Benfield School and NEAT Academy Trust as a whole value inclusivity as one of our core values. We work hard to ensure all of our young people feel a sense of belonging and value.