Will I get to meet my teachers before I join Benfield in September?

Absolutely! Our Transition Team will meet your child to get to know them, before they leave primary school. We will welcome all new September starters for a transition week on the 10th of July. During that week, you will have an introduction to secondary school. You will meet your form tutors, sample lessons, and be introduced to Benfield School’s routines and expectations.

What if I don’t make any friends?

Moving into secondary school is a big step! There are lots of worries that are completely understandable. Our Transition Team will work alongside your primary school and we will try our best to put you in a form with at least one of your friends. If you are coming to Benfield alone, there are so many opportunities to meet new people! You could meet a new best friend in one of your classes or in one of our many extracurricular clubs.

What if I get lost moving around school?

Secondary school certainly is a lot bigger than primary school; however, most of our students know their way around the school by the end of the first week. We support you by helping you move around school if you are lost and of course, we can give you a map should you need it, just ask at the school office.

What if the work is too hard?

At Benfield, we want to encourage all our students to achieve the best they can! Our lessons aim to inspire you and become curious about the world around you. Work can be challenging, but your teacher will support you to achieve in each and every lesson.

Are there any clubs?

At Benfield, our teachers love to share their time with our students and ignite their interests in new things!   We have lunchtime and after school clubs, that range from football to knitting! We encourage each and everyone of our students to take part in the clubs to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities these bring. 

What does the school day look like?

8.40am  Line up
8.50am Form time
9.05am Lesson 1
10.05am Lesson 2
11.05am Break time
11.20am Lesson 3
12.20pm Lunch time
1pm Lesson 4
2pm Lesson 5
3pm Home time

We welcome students on site from 8.00 am. Our breakfast club is open for all students. Students must be in their form group line ups for 8.40am.  On a Monday morning, Year 7 have a whole year group assembly. We have a two week timetable. This means that we have a two week cycle of lessons. When looking at your timetable, it is important to know which week you are on. The weeks always follow on after a school holiday. So, for example, if you finish a holiday on week 2, they start the next half term on week 1.

Who can I contact if I have a query?

So that you are happy, cared for and well supported, we have increased our pastoral team, who work alongside parents, pupils and teachers. You will be given your form tutor’s and year lead’s contact details so that there is a positive and appropriate line of communication between school and home. Your form tutor is always the first person you should speak to, so that they can advise you how to move forward.

What Uniform do I need to have?

All of our uniform requirements, including what to wear for PE, can be found on our Uniform page.

What’s available for Lunch?

Benfield School is accredited with the Healthy School plus, meaning there are plenty of healthy options for students. You can find all the info you need about school meals here: https://benfield.neat.org.uk/school-meals/