Transition Excitement this week at Benfield School

Jul 17, 2023

This week, Benfield school’s transition team has welcomed pupils from local primary schools. They have taken part in a number of exciting events to prepare them for life at Benfield, when they start in September. 

Our students have had a great week and experienced a really exciting variety of events and classroom activities to help ease them into life at Benfield School. 

We had a visit from Kielder Observatory, who brought a terrific inflatable planetarium, giving pupils the chance to experience the magic of the stars and to learn about our place in the universe. 

Some pupils from Central Walker CE school attended an exciting Benfield Harry Potter themed potions lesson in the chemistry lab. This was hosted by some of our amazing teachers Mrs Brown and Mrs Jackson. Pupils had the chance to mix bubbling potions and then recorded their results with their quills. They even got to try out the sorting hat! 

Students had the chance to draw their own cartoons to show off their artistic talent and then watched a magic show, which was put on by some of our talented year 9 pupils. The whole week has been full of excitement, with a community spirit that makes Benfield great.