World Book Day 2024 at Benfield School

Mar 6, 2024

This week, along with schools in more than 100 different countries around the world, we’re celebrating World Book Day!

At Benfield School, we are passionate about the power of reading and encourage our pupils to read daily. World Book Day is a wonderful way to excite children about all the different kinds of books available, from fantasy to factual, classics to comics, there really is something for everyone!

This week we will be delving into the world of books with some fantastic activities because we want to make this a really special and fun event! These include:

  • We have recruited Reading Champions from our student body to support and lead through the day. Reading Champions will be leading the Buddy Reading we have planned, where pupils from different year groups buddy up with one another and read in our lovely Reading Room. They will also be taking part in ‘Ask me about what I’m reading’. For this, they wear a badge and others (both staff and students) are encouraged to ask them questions about books they are reading at the moment/books that they have enjoyed in the past.
  • Staff are to carry a book around with them through the day to stimulate discussions with pupils.
  • Each class will read during registration. Pupils will read a book of choice independently (we normally have class readers, so this will be something different for our students).
  • Staff will be dressing up in the morning and taking photos
  • Staff will have photos taken behind books and pupils will guess who the member of staff is as a starter for each lesson of the day.
  • KS3 Students will design their own book token in an English lesson this week. They then have the choice whether to enter the National competition for WBD.
  • Staff have been filmed reading out extracts of their favourite novels and these recordings will be shown on the TV screens around the school.
  • Both students and staff are to find a novel way of showing a book that they enjoy. Suggested ideas include images, reenactments, photos etc. Pupils will be completing a sheet of the books found and can then earn prizes.
  • KS3 students will be taking part in an English WBD lesson, where they will play games like Bingo, Through the keyhole and will be having discussions with peers and staff on reading, as well as completing reading/writing tasks around their favourite books.
  • Students will be given Book Tokens and discussions will be had on what they can spend them on.

Reading is not only important for learning, but is also a wonderful hobby. Helping pupils become enthusiastic learners is a goal we forever strive towards at NEAT Academy Trust, and World Book Day is a great opportunity to celebrate this across all our schools. We’d like to thank parents and our local community for all their support in encouraging reading and learning beyond the classroom.